Bobby Dowler

Peckham – home of the Trotter’s, The Hannah Barry Gallery and the artist, Bobby Dowler. His bedroom is his studio, and as he puts it, aspires to be a minimalist. He doesn’t get too attached to ’things’ and probably would prefer his bedroom to be clear, much like a blank canvas.wiyb_bobby_comp
I asked Bobby… If your bedroom was on fire, what one item would you save?…With a deadpan expression, he said: My Blow-up Doll. But she’s not in the mood for having her photograph taken today. And besides, the guy who I got her from, down my local pub, said I shouldn’t really show her to anyone because her type is particularly rare, so much so, that all women would want to be her, and all men would want to be with her.wiyb_IMG_1718wiyb-IMG_1696

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