Andrea & Andy

On the streets of Stretford, where Morrissey once roamed, you’ll find the large, but humble abode of Andrea and Andy. She’s an all round Muso and He’s a DJ and music creator, also known as Mr Scruff. Destined to be together, they met in a darkened DJ booth, of a basement club in Manchester. Right at the top of their three-storey house, the low-lit bedroom is a sanctuary for escaping the aftermath of mad nights out and the hubbub of the daily grind. 
I asked them both… If the bedroom was on fire, what one item would they save?…
Andrea, “I would save my two framed photographs, they are completely precious and irreplaceable. The picture of me when I was little with my Mum, was taken at a coach park on our way to London; it reminds me of happy times. And the second one was taken at my Graduation with my Dad. “Without a blink of an eye, Andy said, “My Wife.”


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