Oliver Griffin

Griff is a Photographer and shares a bedroom with two other people, in a squat in Camberwell. I caught him just in time, as he’s moving out this week to pastures new. He was the first person to enter the property in July 2009, making his bed in the corner of a room, 3 floors up. Since then, Tom and Olly arrived at the space, building framed structures from found timber, to house their own beds. In the room, they also have an extra mattress on the floor, for friends to crash. Griff isn’t bothered that he has to move – in fact he embraces the situation, saying “Change is progress and it should be seen as positive thing.”
I like his attitude. And for someone who lives in what looks like utter chaos, he is charmingly laid back.
I asked him…”If the room was on fire, what one item would you save”… “My tool box/bike bits box/technical drawing kit (it all comes in one, handy engineers box). It’s everything I need to fix my life with.”

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  1. Laura Turner

    Brilliant. Love that set of drawers in the middle of the chaos! It’s really interesting to see the differences in peoples life and attitudes displayed in such a raw way…all their possessions like a little art installation.

    Good work Lady O.

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