Joel Stephens

Joel graduated last year from Camberwell College of Art, in Graphic Design. His work (see it here) is pretty minimal and tidy, unlike his bedroom – completely quashing my idea that designers are generally tidy sorts. In fairness, he has just moved into an artist’s studio in Peckham – hence the whirlwind style, aftermath. I like it though, apart from being loads to look at, it’s realistic. He lives in the house with six people and surprised himself when he realised he’d been living there for nearly six months.
I asked him… “If your bedroom was on fire, what one item would you save”…
J – Erm, I’d take my digital radio, and at least then, when I have nothing, I’ll still have music to listen to.
O – What station do you listen to?
J – 6 Music.
O – Me too, where we gonna be when it goes?
J – I know, it’s definitely the best. Radio 1 leaves me wanting to be hanging from a noose. The music they play. I hate shit like that.
It’s like… you know….
O – Like what?
J – You know… like that auto tune, generic shite. Lets put it on and see…
So he did, and indeed it was rubbish. Playing ring tone pap. Like Joel put it “If there was a music hell, that would be it.”


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