Chips for the Poor


Chips for the Poor is a musician living on the edge of Dalston in a flat amongst a maze like estate in De Beauvoir Town.  He’s lived there about a year and has pretty much done the rounds of East London. Destined to perform he comes from a family of natural born entertainers, claiming his Nan used to play the piano in her home, wearing flat cap and braces, leaving the door open for all the neighbours to hear. And his other Nan, played in a band in the war. My kind of gals, reckon they’d be great fun down the pub. His room is a collection of stuff gathered over the years, ranging from his very own nappy pin circa 1976 – 78 (which I asked him to hold – he must get his good hands from his ex-hand model Mum) a collection of books and DVD’s – some of a dark nature, and two great pieces of artwork courtesy of his brother, Kid Acne
…I asked him, if his bedroom were on fire, what one item would he save?… 
At first he said a big bag of photos that he’d completely forgotten about and re-discovered recently – spending hours unearthing old memories. But then as we were in his bedroom, he said he’d also grab the T-shirt hanging on the wall – his brother screen-printed it for him round about 1995 and it’s a picture of Chips for the Poor with his cat.
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