Katey Jean

Katey is an Illustrator and lives in the heart of Dalston, London Town. She creates beautiful work with her fair northern hands, and I think her illustrative, child like qualities are reflected in her bedroom. Full of interesting bits and bobs, including the rather fetching Aubergine coloured Bambi, purchased from Mr Allsorts just off Essex Road, Islington. She works from home and likes the feeling of separation that the beams in her room give between her workspace and her bed area. Being a lover of Owls, I was particularly taken by the regular glimpses of Owl paraphernalia, which she informs me started between her and her sister when they were little. When they fought, they would pull a face that resembled an Owl, which in effect was a plea for mercy. The Owl obsession grew and they started to buy each other Owly things at every present giving opportunity. The majority of the collection, going back years, is hauled up at their Mums house in Manchester. 
…I asked Katey, if her bedroom were on fire, what one item would she save… She went for the laptop, because all her work is on it, and it’s the one important thing she could grab in a blazing frenzy.
Find Katey on Twitter @kateyyyjeannn

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