Keir Stewart

As Morrissey sang: 
Just a rented room in Whalley Range
What do we get for our trouble and pain?
Whalley Range!..
…I wouldn’t say Keir’s homestead is quite so glum.  The multi talented chap of Inch Recording Studio and The Durutti Column has lived in his Victorian, three storey house, in Whalley Range, for over seven years. And has set-up a temporary recording studio in there. He says, “Vini prefers working from home – it’s more chilled.” He is also a speaker obsessive and when he totted up his collection, he has sixteen speakers in his house alone. Including the two vintage, Quad ESL 57’s that resemble copper heaters, on either side of the chimney breast in his bedroom. Apart from being brilliant to look at, Keir informs me that because of the Electrostatic technology they’re better than any other domestic speaker. I asked Keir, if his bedroom were on fire, what would he save? He said “The Quads are pretty special, but not as special as the pictures of my daughter, Lily, so I’d take the photo album of her, from my desk.”


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