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It’s Christmas Day and it’s the return of The Suze. Being a muso I thought I’d make her my Christmas Number One.
Suze has graced this blog on more than one occasion, first appearing back in March this year. She is a music PR for Warner Music and has lived in her new place, a stones throw from Old Street, in East London, for only a few months.
And what a change it is to her last, small but perfectly formed bedroom. Big is beautiful and an urban beauty it is, great skull, gorgeous trinkets and mucho clothes and shoes.
O: Suze, what would you save if your bedroom were on fire?
S: My iPod – I couldn’t live without my music. My digital radio, because when I’m not listening to music, I listen to BBCRadio 4 and without it I could not sleep, and my laptop because it has all my pictures on it from my U.S.A. trip this year with my best friend, Hayley.
O: But how would you carry all this stuff?
S: I’d put them all in my newest bag and run for the hills, with as many shoes as possible.
O: Fair enough. So, seeing as though you’re my Christmas Number One, what would your all time number one song be?
S: Oh there are so many but it has to be, The 15th by Wire. I never get bored of listening to it. 
Find Suze on Twitter@suzieseal

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