Kat Davies



Kat is a Producer for Gainsbury and Whiting and lives just a hop, skip and a jump from Old Street in East London.  She shares her converted flat with two other’s and her bedroom is neatly concealed at the far end of the living room, behind a couple of bookshelves. In contrast to the modernity of the rest of the flat, her bedroom feels more like a country cottage, with a smattering of nice bits: the rather fetching gnome given to her by a fit bloke when she worked in a shoe shop in her youth, the Peace print, that took her goes to get hold of and then actually cost her more to get framed.
When I asked Kat what she’d save if her bedroom were on fire, she said “I’m not into saving stuff that can be replaced – not interested in electrical items. I’d save the framed picture of my Mum and Dad, over there, on the bed frame, and this slide which was taken of my Mum and I, in 1987, on my first birthday.”


Find Kat on Twitter @KJD_KatDavey

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