Gwenno Saunders



Gwen shares her flat in Dalston with four other people. She’s one of the lead singers in a band called The Pipettes. The other singer is her sister; she points to the mantle piece and says, “That’s my sister over there, in the picture. Taken when we were little. She’s the smaller one, which is funny because she’s now bigger than me.”
She moved from her hometown in Cardiff some years ago and comes from quite an unconventional musical family. Her mum is in a socialist street choir and her uncle is an organist and head of music at a church in Northern Ireland, he taught her piano.
Mirroring her bands style, her bedroom is very Kitsch – she is a lover of all things popular culture and has a massive passion for Elvis. She says, “I’m briefly enamoured by new artists, but always go back to Elvis. I think, for me, Josh Homme is probably the closest to a modern day Elvis.” If this theory is purely based on image, judging by the picture below, I’d have to agree.
When I asked Gwen what she’d save if her bedroom were on fire, she said, “I’m not sentimental. And I know it’s obvious, but I’d save my computer, not just because it has a lot of my music on it, but I see it as my window to the world. I love seeing what people are doing in terms of creativity and music – there’s so much to see out there and I do a lot of it from my computer.”

 Find Gwen on Twitter @iamgwenno