Hayley McCool



Hayley is a food lover, and a Murakami obsessive. She is a digital researcher for T4, and runs her own rather good blog, Digital Rinse. Hayley shares her light and airy flat in Holloway with her friend.

She says, “I like my bedroom to be a bedroom. I don’t like clutter, well not in the bedroom, anyway. I want somewhere I can relax and not be distracted by stuff. My last bedroom was tiny – everything was everywhere and it did my head in.” She laughs and then says, “That’s why the clutter I do have now is under the bed. Style over substance, that’s me. In fact that’s my mantra.”
When I asked Hayley what she’d save if her bedroom were on fire, she said, “My footstool that I reupholstered. And my books, I’m a big reader and I love Murakami. His books make me want to go to Japan – I’m fascinated by the place. I can’t wait to see the film Norwegian Wood, based on his book.”
Find Hayley on Twitter @MissMcCool

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