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One dark, late night in Dalston, I stumbled into Jerry at The Alibion Kingsland road. She was working I was drinking. Jerry was promoting an event in The Alibi, for the lovely, the colourful, Lazy Oaf – who she does PR and Marketing for. For one night only they teamed up with Wah Nails who were making peoples nails look pretty in a corner of the club. I swiftly accosted Jerry and a few days later I’m in her bedroom photographing all of it’s vibrant, playfulness.
When I asked Jerry what she’d save if her bedroom were on fire, she said, “My pink robin on top of my TV, I think it best represents my childish taste and love of kitsch. It’s from a Christmas shop in Spitalfields Market, but sadly the shop isn’t there anymore – it used to be open all year round and I loved it.”
The oldest toy in her room is the pink Jelly Baby, she got it for Christmas when she was about five, she says that she has always been into collecting toys – being massively influenced by her Grandma and her Mum, who are both avid collectors. Her Mum’s house has lots of interesting pieces, glass cabinets filled with vintage toys and dolls, adorned with fairy lights.

Find Jerry on Twitter @thejerryberry

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