Liz Danon

Liz is an Interior Designer and shares her place in Stoke Newington with her illustrator friend, Katie, also known as POPCORNY. Bored with the sea, they opted for the bright lights of London Town, and moved from Brighton just six months ago.
Liz’s bed is grand and dominates her bedroom – it’s like the big romantic sleeping machine, has been plonked in a fairytale like cave – surrounded by antlers, feathers and sheepskin. She says, “It might sound obvious, but the bed is the most important part of the bedroom, for me, it’s my place for relaxation.” She says that her bedroom is her experimental space too, and she regularly re-organises her things, collected from from places such as, New York and Amsterdam –  her objects, represent moments in time.
When I asked Liz what she’d save if her bedroom were on fire, without hesitation, she said, “The picture of my Grandad, the antlers and my lamp – I love that lamp.”

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