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On a dark, damp, November night, I walked through the streets of Bethnal Green and wondered is this really worth it – I sometimes wonder this when I am on my way to do a bedroom. Off the beaten track and into the maze of one of East London’s many housing estates, I looked up to the inky high-rise, then went through the security system and into the stark metal lift. As it juddered up to the top floor I contemplated the thought of being at home, in the warmth, eating beans on toast, in the company of Attenborough. Then the lift opened and I stepped out onto the landing of the classic 1960’s high-rise block, where the front doors to the flats are on an exterior shared balcony, almost replicating a typical terraced street. Right at the far end stood a waving, bright and sparky, Girl of Stuff – at that moment, the beans on toast and Attenborough disappeared over the balcony and I knew it was worth it. She wore electric pink leggings and a jumper with what looked liked the flash of fireworks all over it – a mirror of the brightly coloured ‘stuff’ she is into.IMG_4983
She is a maker of things – a result of the recession and having a fondness for childlike, old school craft; she makes pom poms, cards and bunting. Massively inspired by bloggers Candy Castle and Hello Sandwich… who drew her attention to MT tape, and now is pretty obsessed, buying it in bulk when she spots some in the Sales.
When living in shared accommodation, she says she has always made her bedroom feel like home, disguising the standard landlord decor of magnolia paint and choice flooring, by distracting the eye with her interesting bits. She says, “My Dad was in the army – we moved eight times before I was ten. It has always been important to make each bedroom my own – surrounding myself with all my lovely things, that makes me feel happy.”
I asked her what she would save if her bedroom were on fire, and she said, “My gold ring, it was my Mum’s 21st birthday present from my Grandparents – I love wearing it. And my birth certificate, I really like the red stamp on it, and I know if I lost it I wouldn’t get a replacement that looked anywhere near as good.”
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  1. Anonymous

    my exes mum made him a blanket exactly like that! used to give us much jokes he even went as far to say that I loved it and she went and made a second one just for me! but well, now I actually do love it very much and when we eventially broke up I inherited the two blankets 🙂 gorgeous room.

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