Peter Evans

Before I met Peter I was told that he looks like Chris Martin of Coldplay. I thought, oh right, that’s good, maybe he will make a good portrait then. But when Peter opened the door, on that cold and dark night, I thought, blimey, he really does look like Chris Martin. The surreal moment continued as I got to his bedroom door, there was a picture of the real Chris Martin that his flatmates had put there.
Peter is a style blogger and musician. He started his blog Send A Raven because of his continuing obsession with clothes and a recent trip to New York, he said, “Me and my mates realised that all we seem to talk about is clothes and when I bought a camera in New York last year and started taking pictures of people on the street, of what they were wearing and stuff, one of my friends suggested that I should set-up a blog, so I did. Ha, but I seriously wasn’t aware of how many style blogs there are out there. But it doesn’t matter, I do it because I love it.”DSC0027
Peter grew up with music. His Mum and Dad met when they were in a covers band in 1966, The Yellow Pages – as seen in the framed black and white pictures on his wall.
Peter has lived here for three years. He shares the flat with a married couple and says it doesn’t bother him living with a couple, but he likes to give them their space and that it is important for him to make his bedroom as comfortable as possible ­– a private space where he can chill out.DSC0057
When I asked Peter what he would save if his bedroom were on fire, he said, “Well I’d have to save the pictures of my Mum and Dad in the band, I think they’re the only ones in existence, so my Dad would kill me if anything happened to them. Also, my Granddads watch, and my signed Paulo Di Canio autobiography.”DSC0038
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