Emily May Scott

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in London and as I stepped out of Peckham Rye station the sound of women and kids from the near by hair salons filled the arched walkway leading out onto Blenheim Grove.
Emily has lived in this house for just under a year with her friend. She studied Fine Art at Cardiff and still paints at her studio that she shares with her two friends and her sister in Peckham. Far removed from paint and brushes her day job is a creative blend of trend researching and creative planning for Zip Design






WIYB: What does your bedroom mean to you?
Emily: It’s a sanctuary. Living in a house with one other housemate means I can spread my stuff out. I purposely made the decision to not have a TV or a Computer in my bedroom; I wanted it to be somewhere I can completely switch off. I spend my day on my phone or at my computer; it’s nice to have peace and calm.
WIYB: I really like all of your baskets and cases…
Emily: Thanks; I mainly get them from car boot sales when I go home to visit my Mum and my Step-dad in Wales. All my vintage bags hanging over there are from boot sales too. I also found this chair on the street and upholstered it with Liberty fabric. WIYB: So you studied fine art? Emily: Yes, my Step-dad is a painter and my Sister is a designer, so it’s sort of in the blood. WIYB: If your bedroom were on fire what would you save?
Emily: All of my stuff: my pictures mainly, they mean so much to me and are irreplaceable.
WIYB: The blue poster is beautiful.
Emily: Yes, I got that when I was in Cuba, it’s a silkscreen print. I wish I’d got more. And my Anthony Burrill – Let The Flower Bloom.
WIYB: Lovely blanket on the bed.
Emily: That’s from a market in Turkey. I like to pick things up from where ever I go.
WIYB: You are super tidy.
Emily: Ha, yeah, I think I have a bit of a problem…
WIYB: I love to straighten things.
Emily: Me too! I drive my housemate mad.
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