Rob Goodwin

This is a bedroom/workspace – Rob dominates the mezzanine level of the flat he shares with his girlfriend and friend in North London. 
Bored and frustrated with his day job as a TV Cameraman, Rob Goodwin decided to study the craft of footwear, so with a creative mind inspired by the imaginings of a Venetian Ball in the Congo, and a pair of magic hands, he found himself at the heart of the London College of Fashion pursuing an MA. Whilst studying he was featured in Italian Vogue and has since collaborated with Tom Ford for the English National Ballet and is currently working with Anjelina Jolie on her new role in the film Maleficent.
WIYB: So what made you decide to make shoes?
Rob: I was bored with my daily routine of working as a TV Cameraman – doing that and getting pissed. I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to be really creative, something that would involve a craft.
WIYB: So what inspires you?
Rob: I’m inspired by scenarios, like my MA was based around the idea of having a Venetian Ball in the Congo; I just love the idea of women looking strong and powerful — almost tribal. I have an idea in my head of the cavalry crossed with a girl biker gang, revving bikes in the desert, you know… and I’m really into military clothing and Trench Art, I’ve been collecting bits for a while. I think it’s amazing that these guys in the war, were stuck in the trenches making beautiful objects out of the old bullets and shells left lying around.
WIYB: What does your bedroom mean to you?
Rob: Its more of a bed in a workspace.
WIYB: If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save?
Rob: Well, it’s funny because when I told my Nan that I was going to study footwear, she gave me a pair of small wooden clogs; they were given to my Great Grandfather in the First World War and she used to wear them when she was a child. He was hiding out at a farm in La Chapelle, in France. The family he stayed with were so poor and had no shoes to fit them, and because they were in the middle of a war there was obviously no money, so he went out and found shoes for them. They were so grateful but had nothing to really give him in exchange, other than the small pair of wooden clogs. It really touched him and that’s why he kept them, apart from his immediate stuff, they were the only things he bought back with him after the war.
WIYB: So you had no idea about the clog story or the clogs until a few years ago.
Rob: Not a clue. I was amazed.

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