Alice Herrick

Alice Herrick is an artist and the owner of the Herrick Gallery in East London. She has worked across many projects from teaching art to kids, building sets on films and collaborating with Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis. Over the past few years she has worked with variety of artists curating exhibitions in different spaces.

She has lived in this building for 13 years – she converted half of her bedroom into the gallery space at the beginning of 2012 and opened the gallery in June. When she has a show some of the visitors come through her bedroom making it a public space.

The artist currently showing at the Herrick Gallery is Paul Hazelton; he has made small sculptures out of the dust collected from Alice’s bedroom and gallery space – the majority of the dust came from a small shelf located high up on her bedroom wall – the shelf is too high to make a feature out of it or to be useful, until now. Effectively the art is made out of Alice and the other people who have been in the gallery and her bedroom.



Do you like living in your workspace?
When I paint, I like to work late, so it is great to just have the bed there. I have lots of different things going on at one time, so it makes sense to have it all in the same place. But I think I have always liked to stay in the place that I am working, I previously worked in film and I used to like staying on location, being close to the set.

Can you always see yourself living here?
No, I could definitely live by the sea. I have always liked being close to the water, Kew, Borough, Bermondsey. I’d like to live by the sea and have a good view.

If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save?
My Laptop, it’s got thousands of pictures on it and lots of my work from over the past few years. I also have a teddy, Sarah; I’ve had her since I was a baby.

Paul Hazelton art made out the dust collected from Alice’s bedroom


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