Sam Ryde

Sam: Do you have a time?
Sam:You know when you look at the time, does it always seem to be the same time?
WIYB: No, I haven’t really noticed.
Sam: It’s odd because I seem to check the time around about the same time everyday, 12:34. So it made me think about taking a picture at 12:34 everyday.
He then shows me his phone with lots of pictures taken at the same time everyday, each one telling a different story. I love this sort of thing, the exploitation of one idea; the fact that repeating the same item over and over again will never draw the same conclusion. He has since started snapping hand dryers – the humble box of air we all take for granted yet each one varying so vastly depending on its surroundings and spec. This is a man after my own heart and his interest in ‘the repeat’ is one of the reasons I decided to investigate the bedroom.
WIYB:Tell me about your place?
Sam: I’ve lived here for 6 months and live with two other guys. It was a nightmare trying to find this place – so much crap out there.
WIYB: Would you say your bedroom is a good representation of your character?
Sam: Sort of, but I wish I had more cash to buy more stuff for the room.
WIYB:Like what?
Sam: Pictures.
WIYB: And the Jacko tear sheet – why have you framed it?
Sam: Oh you know, it was a really big moment in time and it’s like when people say, “Where were you when Lennon was shot?” and stuff like that – I just thought it would be good to get it framed.
WIYB: Where were you when Michael Jackson died?
Sam: I can’t remember, no, I was at a pub in Chiswick.
WIYB: Well, I really can’t remember. Is it your furniture?
Sam: Yeah, I love Gumtree and second hand things are so much cheaper in Wales, where I’m from. The desk is from a place called Splott in Wales, I asked my Dad to pick it for me, when he got there the guy randomly said to him, “You got any kids?” and my Dad said “Yes” and the guy said, “How many?” and he said, “Two, why have you?” and the guy said proudly, “Yes, I’ve got fourteen and they’ve all used that desk.”
WIYB: Fourteen!? Ha, so you’re the fifteenth.
WIYB: So, what would you save if your bedroom were on fire?
Sam: Homer. I’ve had him for ten years. I got him in Burger King – didn’t even buy the meal, just went in to buy him for the grand price of 80p. He’s been everywhere with me. And of course I would save my hard-drive, it has all my music on it.



Sam is a hair stylist and works for Ena you can also find him on Twitter @SamuelRyde

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