Gill Hutchison

This post is a space share of sorts brought to What’s in your bedroom… by the loving hands of Eugenia Lim, Editor of Assemble Papers, an online publication for small footprint living.
As two kindred spirits, WIYB and AP decided to join forces for a virtual home swap. Eugenia photographed Gill’s apartment in Australia, for the Living not Decorating section of AP, offering up a selection of images to WIYB.
Gill is a born again surfer living in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. She works in PR. In her downtime she swims, surfs and blogs about her favourite past-time at Not Without My Do-Rag.
When AP asked Gill to describe her apartment, this is what she said:
I have the master bedroom, which is as big as the apartment that I used to live in! I call myself the princess in the tower because I come upstairs and it’s pretty much self-contained. There’s no television in the house so I spend most of my time reading, if I’m here. Reading books or surf blogs or watching surf videos! Or doing freelance work. I get up early during the week, about 6am. Twice a week I go to the pool and swim, usually with a few mates that I surf with and then we go straight from the pool to Babka for a pastry and a coffee just to cancel out the swim. My idea of a home is somewhere you can absolutely relax, unwind and sleep well. Aesthetics – just to have everything you love around you. My favourite thing in the world is my surfboard. I sleep with it at the end of the bed so it’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. The name for my surfboard is dame cinco, which means ‘high five’ in Spanish. I love that. I also love an illustration that my flatmate did of my friend Kate when we went to Mexico together. There’s Kate dressed in a traditional Mexican outfit which she pulls off, totally ‘Frida Kahlos’ it! And all my books – having worked in publishing for 11 years, books just mean so much to me I don’t know what I’d do without them.
And of course WIYB was keen to ask a few questions too…
WIYB:What does your bedroom mean to you? 
Gill: Lately my bedroom has been edging towards a den of iniquity (it’s Spring, after all!) but for the other 1,835 weeks of my life it has always been one of my favourite places in the world. I love collapsing onto my bed and dreaming big.
WIYB: What would you save if your bedroom were on fire? 
Gill: I’m one of five kids and a few years ago my Mum divided up all the family albums and gave each of us the story of our lives. Everything else could burn but that would definitely be tucked up my jumper.
WIYB: Anything else you wanna mention, maybe how this bedroom compares to your London experiences?
Gill: Like most peeps when they move to London I arrived with one suitcase. Four years later I remember counting 38 dresses, 50 pairs of shoes and piles upon piles of books. It’s that kind of city – everything is so accessible and available… and books and clothes are so cheap compared to Australia that I just couldn’t help myself.
More importantly London in winter can be one of the most depressing places on Earth so lying in bed on a Saturday with all the papers and a pot of tea was a whole day activity. I kinda miss that!
Find Gill on Twitter  @GillHutchison 
Photos by Eugenia Lim

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