Usually I meet potential bedroom people on my travels, at parties, hanging out at bus stops, anywhere. Where as, Maybelle is one of the few people to get in touch with me. Because her room is full of interesting stuff, her friend suggested that the space would be perfect for What’s in your bedroom… Maybelle explained over email that her room is more like a shop than a bedroom. It was 1pm on a Saturday afternoon in October. When I do a bedroom it is usually the weekend so i wash not surprised when Maybelle told me that she did not get in till 6am that morning because she had been at a Burning Man party in Angel, North London.
WIYB: Well, you’re looking pretty fresh considering you’ve only had a few hours sleep. Good night?
Maybelle: Er, yes, it was mad. Women had their tits out and there were guys walking round completely naked. I didn’t know where to put my eyes.
WIYB: Ha, and in Angel, who’d have thought it.
Maybelle: I know!
WIYB: Love the painting [blue painting on the wall – Wings of Love by David Peasron, 1972]
Maybelle: Yeah, its great, init – god knows what it means. It was on the wall at the shared place I lived in Bristol – I just took it. I recently saw Abigail’s Party and the picture is featured in the film… banished to the bedroom because the husband, Laurence, thinks it’s pornographic trash. Hilarious.
WIYB: How long have you lived here?
Maybelle: Since I was eight; this was my Mum and Dad’s bedroom. Ha, I try not to think about the fact that my brother was conceived in here. My sister and me live here now.IMG_6058web
WIYB: What does your bedroom mean to you?
Maybelle: I love it; it’s my pride and joy. But I’ve invested too much time into it, I think. It’s not just a bedroom, it’s a proper living space and that’s important especially in a shared place. I make things in here. I pick-up a lot of stuff on the street, like the sauna sign. I’m a hoarder.


WIYB: What do you make?
Maybelle: Anything from clothes to dolls. I studied Illustration at Bristol University, but I like making. I make clothes from scratch or customise stuff I pick up from charity shops and I design and make the dolls. You can see some of the dolls over there, in the basket under the desk.


WIYB: What would you save in a fire?
Maybelle: The three cats. This is Meg but we also have Jack and Smudge. I never used to like cats but I have grown to love them. I’d also take the photo of my Granddad, Thomas.
Maybelle is a waitress at The Breakfast Club you can see her dolls and other related stuff on her blog I/My/Me

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