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I have met some great people on Twitter, some have come to be good friends and future bedroom contributors, one of which is Max Hattler, the talented video artist who tweeted me off the back of a tweet I sent to King’s Cross Filling Station in September.  Max’s mega 3D futuristic light show was displayed on the canal basin at the same time I visited KXFS. We kept in touch and a couple of months later on a crisp autumn day I was searching for Max on the walkway of a 1970s tower block in Shoreditch. 


WIYB: How long have you lived here?
Max: I’ve been in this flat since 2003 but moved over from Germany 15 years ago.
WIYB: You must have seen a lot of changes in the area?
Max: Oh yeah, even sat here at my desk, my view of the sky is disappearing with all the new construction.
WIYB: What do you think of it?
Max: Hmm, the noise of the building work is but I think all the new stuff is exciting. Although, just to get a coffee round here, is so expensive these days.
WIYB: Where did you study?
Max: I completed my MA in animation at the RCA in 2005.
WIYB: Do you have a studio to work in?
Max: No, this is my studio. I prefer to save the money I’d need for a studio and invest it back into my artwork  instead. Everything I need is in here.
WIYB: What does your bedroom mean to you?
Max: I see it as a base really – a crash pad. My lifestyle is fairly nomadic and I work away a lot of the time. I was away pretty much the whole of the spring and the summer. Apart from making films, my work consists of a lot of talks, workshops and audiovisual live performance. I started off in April with an artist residency in Lithuania, then Newcastle and finished in Germany in September.
WIYB: So do you see this bedroom as your home?
Max: Absolutely. Although I do sublet it every time I go away for longer stints – then I pack everything away.
WIYB: Do you find it an inconvenience?
Max: Yes and no. Letting out my room helps to subsidise my work, so it is worth it.
WIYB: So what do you absolutely need to make your room feel like home?
Max: My laptop and a few clothes. And the one thing I do leave up when I go away is the calendar; it was designed by Hans (Nick) Roericht and first published in 1969. They have been with me all my life. He is an old family friend and every year at Christmas he has a calendar party and we all go along. I thing I tend to do before I go away, is move the counter to the date that I arrive back home because it has to be manually changed each day, whoever stays in this room never changes it and it bugs me, so I do it in advance.
WIYB: What would you save in a fire?
Max: My laptop, it has all my work on it.


Max’s recent work: live performances in Germany and workshops in St. Petersburg, Stuttgart and Geneva. See more of his work here – follow him on Twitter @maxhattler

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