Isabella Charlesworth

Since doing this blog, people often ask me if I have been in any saucy bedrooms and I always reply, no. In the 3 years I have not discovered much in a bedroom that displays the persons sexuality, until now. Isabella came across a feature that Time Out London ran on What’s in your bedroom… and got in touch with me. When I arrived at her home on that blustery Sunday in Elephant and Castle, she answered the door of the old converted office building, looking like an off duty burlesque dancer, dressed in black, with short bobbed bright red hair, sporting a couple of love bites son her neck. She led me into her big bedroom where my eyes quickly flickered round her room taking in the large collection of erotic themed imagery that scatters her walls, shelves and furniture, ranging from fetish inspired fashion photography to cheeky vintage pornography.
WIYB: How long have you lived here?
Isabella: 25 years on and off. It was my Mums place. We moved here when I was one. When she moved out I thought, right I’m making the living room my bedroom.
WIYB: So what does your bedroom mean to you?
Isabella: It’s a complete reflection of myself, in every sense. I don’t use any other part of the house — it’s my sanctuary. I sort of see it as an art project, I constantly think about ways to add to it. It’s like a time capsule of my life.
WIYB: Yeah, it’s a bit like a montage. You definitely have a particular style and you’re obviously into fetish styled imagery?
Isabella: Ha ha, yes I am. Think it partly comes from when I worked for Ann Summers in Soho. I’d finish an 11-hour shift and head straight out. I was completely immersed in the Soho scene – it was great.
WIYB: So you’re not easily shocked then.
Isabella: No, not shocked, but I find it very amusing. Ann Summers in Soho is open from 9am to 11pm, so I got all sorts coming in?
WIYB: Like what?
Isabella: Oh, there was a guy who came in to buy his mistress a gift and decided to buy me a gift too, and a Geriatric threesome who came in to buy sex toys.
WIYB: Have you still got the gift?
Isabella: Er, no. It was a massive dildo. I didn’t even take it home with me.
WIYB: Is there an object in this room that particularly means something to you?
Isabella: The two of hearts playing card. It got me a second date with my now boyfriend of six years. I  was at this mad Vegas themed party and afterwards I headed to another party, which is where I met Roi. The card was poking out of one of my stockings, he said that’s what swung the second date.
WIYB: Ha ha, nothing to do with the stockings, then?
Isabella: Hmm, yeah.
WIYB: Is that Mistress Raven who featured in Nick Broomfield documentary, Fetishes? [black and white image on shelf of woman with left arm reaching over her head]
Isabella: Yeah, I think it is. That is actually my Dad’s, in fact a few of them are; he’s a photographer, Darren Feist.
WIYB: That’s interesting, so he’s into erotic imagery too.
Isabella: When he was in his youth and still learning photography he photographed more erotic stuff – the models were mainly ex-girlfriends, and now he shoots beauty. Coincidentally, my Mum and Dad met whilst working in the same industry, she was a prop Stylist and a Photographer.
WIYB: So what would you save if your bedroom were on fire?
Isabella: My Big White Bear. I’ve had him since I was two years old and have slept with him every night.
 Isabella is 25 and works as Photo Shoot Producer – find her on twitter @MdmeCharlie