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Over the course of one month I travelled through wind, rain and snow to visit 18 members of the all girl choir Gaggle in and around London. Sarah Thompson, was the 2nd member to be visited.

Sarah was born and raised in London and lives in a little flat in Bethnal Green. She is a radio producer, presenter and DJ. Her big passion is making radio documentaries which she does regularly for BBC Radio, mostly Radio 2 and 1Xtra She also sings in Gaggle, where she is also known as Lamby.IMGP6520
When and how did you join Gaggle?
I joined Gaggle in October 2012 so I’m one of the newbie’s. My friend Katie was already in it and I’d known about them for ages and always thought they were amazing. I asked her one-day if there were any spaces, and there were. I met up with Deborah who leads it and we got on well, so she invited me to start going to rehearsals and they let me in!

What does your bedroom mean to you?
My bedroom is an extension of me really, when I’m away from it for a while I start to get a bit grumpy. London is sometimes tricky and full of monsters, so it’s my hidey-hole full of my favourite things. I love old stuff so there are a few bits and bobs from bygone era’s in here. I’ve got a really old bronze mirror which I love that sits on my desk next to my jewellery holder made of tea cups which my best friend Rosa made for me  – the desk is ancient too but I don’t know what year it’s from. My bedroom also doubles up as my office, which is annoying, but I try and make it as little like an office as possible.IMGP6494
Is there an object in your bedroom that particularly means something to you?
I’ve had this little round trinket tin forever, I think it was my Dad’s but I adopted it. It’s from the 1970’s and It’s decorated with an illustration of a big park in the countryside with loads going on in it. It reminds me of childhood because I used to look at it for hours when I was little; it’s always fascinated me for some reason.IMGP6514
What makes you happy?
Food! I love food and I love cooking, especially cooking for lots of friends. No matter what’s happened in my day as long as there is a pork pie or a roast dinner or some kind of comfort food then life is OK! I think about food A LOT! IMGP6498

When did you last cry and why?
I cry loads, but I think the last time was probably over Christmas when my mum showed me a scrap book she’d kept when she was a teenager and it had loads of pictures of her at concerts of The Who and Bruce Springsteen and pictures of her with her Nana who I never met. It wasn’t even very sad but nostalgia really touches a nerve and I exploded into a blubbering mess. My mum thought I was being incredibly silly of course.IMGP6527

What song do you always go back to?
Ahh there are loads! But one that sticks out is definitely Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan. I grew up hearing that at home so I will always love it.

What is your favourite word?

If you could invite anyone into your bedroom who would it be and why?
Jay Z, definitely him. Not only do I fancy him in a massive way – I just think he’s an amazing bloke. He’s very intelligent and we could talk about Hip Hop forever. I like to think he’s my husband in another life. IMGP6515

What would you save if your bedroom were on fire and why?
My cuddly toy panda bear – Pandi who I sleep with every night. My Dad brought him to the hospital for me when I was born. Pandi has only been washed once in 26 years – my mum washed him when I was a toddler and apparently I was really upset about it so he’s never been washed since. All my boyfriends have to like him or I get rid of the boy immediately.IMGP6519

What keeps you awake at night?
Worrying about general life! I’m a massive worrier and quite highly strung so if I feel like I’ve messed something up I’ll go over and over it in my head at night. Also if I’m hungry I can’t sleep, I often get up for a bit of toast – which is probably why I’m not a size 8.

Naked or bed clothes?
Bed clothes all the way, I love love love pyjamas and hate being cold.

Find Sarah on Twitter @thefilthydisco

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