Amy Culwick – Hertfordshire

Over the course of one month I travelled through wind, rain and snow to visit 18 members of the all girl choir Gaggle in and around London. Amy Culwick, was the 12th member to be visited.

IMGP6983-cropAmy was born in Nuneaton and lives in Nuneaton. She works for a video production company, Quarantine Productions, she is also a member of Gaggle, where she is known as Culwick.

When and how did you join Gaggle?
I met Deborah on my MA course, we became friends when I fed her cheeky Vimto’s, she then made me a bra out of foil. She told me she was creating something interesting and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. I think I charmed her with my excessive bangle wearing. I said yes I’d like to join, and voila I became a Gaggle.IMGP6981-crop

What does your bedroom mean to you?
Dress up and shut me the fuck up away from the world. It has a clever way of shutting me out from everything. I had this idea for a film and it was burning a hole in my head for years so I took a week off work and wrote the whole script sitting on my bed. By the end of the week it was a bed full of paper, Malteser bags strewn about and not so glamorous tracksuit tops, but my bedroom sort of shielded me to get on with it.

Tell me about an object in your bedroom that particularly means something to you.
1st headdress from Gaggle, it’s covered in jewels and gems its even got bloody leopard print on it. I wore this throughout all the festival… ah so many amazing memories.

What makes you happy?
Being around honest, kind people with a good sense of humour, cheese, music, being free, pursuing what I want to do, and sparkly things.

What song do you always go back to?
There are a few but Gimme Shelter by the rolling stones. It’s just addictive.

What is your favourite word?

If you could invite anyone into to your bedroom who would it be and why?
Shane Meadows, not cause it’s my bedroom, I just want to meet him.

What would you save if your bedroom were on fire and why?
My Great Grandmother’s engagement ring. It is now mine.

What keeps you awake at night?
Worries and excitement.IMGP6998-crop

Naked or bed clothes?
Winter pyjamas. Summer naked.

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