Lucie Evans

Over the course of one month I travelled through wind, rain and snow to visit 18 members of the all girl choir Gaggle in and around London. Lucy Evans, was the 4th member to be visited.

The light was fading on a Saturday in January. Whilst drinking tea Lucie told me about her love for Amy Winehouse, and how she saved the painting over her bed from being skipped by her artist friend at University. Lucy was born in Germany, she sings in Gaggle where she is also known as Snave.IMGP6594

When and how did you join Gaggle?
It was a cold winter’s evening and I was working part time in Mason & Taylor – a real ale bar in Shoredtich. Deborah (head Gaggle) and Mclean (Gaggle) came in all flustered. Deborah had just had her belongings stolen from her handbag in a nearby street. So they both ordered a glass of red wine and got on with calling the police. At the end of the shift we all sat and had a drink and Deborah said she liked the ‘cut of my jib’ then asked if I could sing. I hadn’t sung since school so said, ‘Just in the shower’! She mentioned Gaggle and thought that I would love it. So a few weeks later I popped along to a rehearsal and it was amazing! I hadn’t performed for many years and really missed it, so I joined Gaggle in January 2012 and it has been the perfect remedy!

What does your bedroom mean to you?
My cosy bedroom is my sleep haven, living room and office all in one. It’s a multi functioning, organised and simple space with a good energy flow.

Is there an object in your bedroom that particularly means something to you?
My object is an arm bangle that my Mum gave to me as a 21st Birthday gift. It is made from an old delicate silver napkin ring that belonged to my Grandad. It has a script font letter that looks like my initials L.J.E. I remember visiting my Grandad’s house as a child and him noticing the hidden initials, so when Mum gave it me as a piece of jewellery I was really touched.IMGP6588What makes you happy?
My family and friends, the sun, music, smiles and Marmite!

When did you last cry and why?
Watching the Life of Pi – it is such a beautiful and moving story.IMGP6595What song do you always go back to?
Amy Winehouse – live acoustic of Back To Black at SXSW.

What is your favourite word?

If you could invite anyone into your bedroom who would it be and why?
Amy Winehouse. She is my idol. We would sit and drink tea, smoke roll ups and sing along to the great Soul classics.

What would you save if your bedroom were on fire and why?
I would save all of my photographs (printed and digital). They hold memories of family, friends and places I’ve been. They are a reminder of many great times and are the diary of my love for photography. Irreplaceable.

What keeps you awake at night?
The beam of streetlight coming through the gap in my curtains.

Naked or bed clothes?
Depends on the season and who’s in my bed!

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