Rebecca Strickson

Over the course of one month I travelled through wind, rain and snow to visit 18 members of the all girl choir Gaggle in and around London. Rebecca Strickson, was the 15th member to be visited.

Rebecca is an Illustrator and member of Gaggle, she is also known as Strick. She was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire and has lived in Peckham, South West London for a few years.IMGP7237

When and how did you join Gaggle?
I went to the pub one night to see a band/tell Deb I wanted to join. When I got there, she asked if I wanted to, whilst standing on a pub table with Angela singing what became ‘Crows’. So it was a kind of simultaneous ‘I’m joining!/ You want to join?’ thankfully everyone said yes.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
Hmm, its the sleeping room. Its the warmest room in the house, where all the crap goes that doesn’t fit in the front room that gets shown off to visitors. Consequently, I’m not all that sure exactly what is in the bedroom and I suppose it’s just the bedroom really. The Bed. Room.

Tell me about an object in your bedroom that particularly means something to you?
Things tend to gravitate all over our house as we’re phenomenally messy creatures. However, something that does stay in the bedroom is obviously, the bed, it’s the best bed I’ve ever slept in. I sleep very badly, so take enormous pleasure in it when it comes.

What makes you happy?
Dave (the boyfriend), Family, Judy (the cat), my Friends and my ability to work unfettered by problems. For which I am eternally grateful.IMGP7221

When did you last cry and why?
I got some terrible news from my best friend a few days ago. Sobbed.

What song do you always go back to?
At the moment? Superconnected by Belly.

What is your favourite word?

If you could invite anyone into to your bedroom who would it be and why?
My dad, just for a chat because I miss him dreadfully.

What would you save if your bedroom were on fire?
Nothing. Let it burn!

What keeps you awake at night?
Neck Pain, anxiety attacks, the cat.

Naked or bed clothes?
Oh, always naked. Can’t bear to be overdressed. IMGP7257

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