Gemma Shiel

This home was photographed in collaboration with WIYBs Australian friends Assemble Papers – an online publication exploring small footprint living across art, design and architecture. They asked me to step outside of the bedroom and investigate Gemma’s stylish abode.
Gemma Shiel lives in North London with her dog, Bob. She is the Director and Founder of the Lazy Oaf fashion label. All of the rooms in her home are a true reflection of the pop colourful style of her fashion brand.
How did Lazy Oaf begin?
I set it up nearly twelve years ago in my Dad’s garage. We design and create men and women’s street wear that is all heavily print focused. The label and designs are mostly inspired by my teenage years in the 90s; it is bold, bright, irreverent and stupid at times.What does your bedroom mean to you?
My bedroom is where I do my best thinking! I have the best ideas when I am in that waking up dozy state in the morning – everything is possible. It is my stress reliever and my dressing up box.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I draw most of my inspiration from cartoon and pop iconography and always draw from my teen era in the 90s.

What is your favourite colour?
Pink. No black. No pink. Maybe red? That’s tough.

When did your obsession with Mickey start?
When I was too old. I love the different ages of Mickey and really associate it with trying to draw cartoons badly as a kid and all the really terrible renditions of him on ice cream Vans. His face is such a global image and yet there is really not much else to Mickey, I find it fascinating.

Do you have a favourite place to pick up all your home wares?
I love getting stuff on my travels, but then always have problems getting things back in my suitcase! I also have a bit of a cushion obsession, but they’re all in my living room. My my non-blood sister Jenny Williamson who has her own label called Banderole designs beautiful hexagonal patchwork cushions.

IMGP8658cushionWhat’s your favourite object in the bedroom?I love my alarm clock. I have had it for fifteen years. It is a Japanese cartoon character and is the only thing that wakes me up with loud indecipherable rock music. You have to hit its head to stop it.10_IMGP8728If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save?
My alarm clock. Oh and Bob.

What music do you like to listen to when you’re designing?
I like to listen to old favourites like Portishead Dummy, Nirvana Acoustic session New York, as well as a bit of old soul.

If you could dress anyone in Lazy Oaf clothing, who would it be and what would you want them to wear?
I would like to make Garfield and John matching T-shirts of each other and they can have a chat about it in their comic strip.

What would your super power be?
I would like to be able to change into different people and animals and spend some time being something else – a shape shifter. Dark.

If you didn’t do Lazy Oaf, what would you do?
I would like to have a cafe, but don’t want to work the pub hours, thanks. I would probably be writing children’s books.

Naked or bed clothes?
Very un-sexual bed clothes.


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You can view more photos from this shoot plus extended interview here at Assemble Papers.

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