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This Dalston bedroom was first documented in 2011 when it was occupied by Gwenno Saunders of The Pipettes. Fast forward a couple of years to find Emma living in the same bedroom – she spotted her bedroom on a post by Plumdiddlyumcious and got in touch with me. Emma was born in Dundee and has lived in London for a couple of years. She runs the social media for Bluebird.
If you weren’t doing the above job, what would you like to be doing?
I’d either like to be a florist with my own little flower shop or I’d like to run a vintage clothing and home wares shop too, but I don’t think it would be that successful because I’d want to keep everything. I want to write for LulaMagazine too. One day!

Who do you live with?
I live with four other people – two DJ/producers and two bloggers/fancy dress aficionados.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
I’ve moved around a lot the past few years and this bedroom is the first one since probably my childhood bedroom that I’ve felt most at home and settled in. I spend a lot of time in here, hibernating away. London is the busiest place I’ve ever lived, so it’s lovely having somewhere I can shut the door and forget about what is going on outside.

Tell me about an object in your bedroom that particularly means something to you?
Clichéd, but true, Happy – the hedgehog I have had since I was four. He’s been everywhere with me – I got him when I had an operation when I was really little, so he has the marks on his hands where they put the cream to numb the anaesthetic injection to match mine and he had the little hospital wristband for ages too. He comes everywhere with me – he came to Barcelona and to Ibiza a couple of years ago – I locked him in the safe because I panicked someone would break into the apartment and steal him. He used to be really fluffy, but now he’s completely flat. Lots of my friends call him ‘Roadkill’. Also, the picture in the corner of the room of the star that my boyfriend drew for me means a lot to me too.


You have a great sense of style, where’s your favourite place to source interior stuff?
I love Etsy – there are SO many great vintage and handmade pieces on there, like my Enid Coleslaw (from Ghostworld) embroidery and my little blue suitcase, which is actually a record player. I pick bits and pieces up down Brick Lane a lot, the little handmade fawn on my ‘fireplace’ is my favourite recent buy from there. I love car boot sales, especially when I’m up North, though the one in Dalston in the summer is really good, I got my floral chair from there last year for £8. Foreign flea markets are great; I went to one in Budapest and got some amazing pieces, the grubby tapestry hanging on my wall was from there and was insanely cheap. I charity shop all the time, again, particularly when I’m outside of London.
What’s your favourite colour?
I like a good grey.
What would you save if your bedroom were on fire and why?
My worst question. I’d want to save everything because I’m really sentimental, so I’d probably be frantically chucking everything out of my window until the last available second. But if it came to it, I’d grab Happy and the box with all my cards, letters, tickets and old photographs in it.
What would your super power be?
I’d be super-fast. I’m a bit of a lazy bones, so it would be great to get everything done super quickly to leave more time for further laziness.
If you could invite anyone into your bedroom who would it be and why?
Anna Karina, for a sleepover. Though I reckon she’d be a bit of a bad influence and we’d end up hitting the town and, Robert Redford circa 1969, purely because he is very handsome. IMGP7916
What song do you always find yourself returning to?
Probably Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. Or anything by The Smiths – I can’t single out any particular one.
Favourite film?
Too hard! I love Barefoot in the Park, True Romance and Une Femme est Une Femme…but I’m going to have to go with Jurassic Park, which I BLOODY LOVE.
Naked or bed clothes?
PJ’s all the way.
Twitter: @emmadavidson

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