Ellie May O’Sullivan

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Ellie is studying her GCSEs and lives in Ayelsbury with her Mum Julie, who is a Taxidermist, Dad Danny, who is a Mortgage Broker and their shitzu, Pixie.
What would your dream job be?

I really have no idea, which is quite worrying really.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
My bedroom is an area that is completely my own, so it’s a place where I can relax, listen to music, draw and express myself.

What inspires your home style?
I can’t really pick out a single thing that inspires me, but my mum and sister have always collected things and I guess I have followed the family trend really – I just like to surround myself with colour and lots of things to make my room my own.
What’s your favourite object?  
There are so many things I love in my room and it’s so hard to have a favourite, but definitely one favourite is my small vintage Steiff penguin, Peggy, who’s a bit tatty round the edges but is really cute and fuzzy.

Where is your favourite place to pick up interesting things for your home?
I seem to acquire lots of my things from presents and  when I go out and about with my family to Brighton and London.  

Favourite colour?
What makes you sad?  
When elderly people are alone, stress, illness (I have a cold at the moment).

What makes you happy?  
All the usual things, friends, family, food and furry animals.

What is your earliest Christmas memory?  
Sadly my earliest Christmas memory was when was about 4 and I was so ill that I didn’t even want to open my presents.

Mince pies or Turkey?
Turkey all the way.

Tell me your favourite thing about Christmas?
I like spending time with my family and I like all the decorations and lights. Then there’s the obvious of getting presents, but I also like picking things for other people too.

Santa or Rudolf?  
Santa?… Rudolf? Both?

What Christmas song will you be definitely be playing this year?
As always Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.

Christmas film of choice?
I’m slightly obsessed with Christmas films at the moment, watching nearly every one that’s come on the TV, so I’m not picky, but my favourite has to be either the Muppet’s Christmas Carol or the Grinch. 

If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save?
That’s way too hard to decide on one thing, I would probably be burnt to a crisp trying to decide what to save if there actually was a fire.

What do you wear in bed?
Pyjamas and hopefully I’ll get some nice fleecy Christmas pyjamas this year.IMGP9235_webFind Ellie on Instagram @elliemay105
The brave interior style is pioneered by her Mum and can also be seen in her Sisters bedroom. In 2011 the family home provided the perfect back-drop for the Lazy Oaf AW/11 Lookbook.
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  1. John R.

    Looks like an everyday fiesta! Personally, I’m a minimalist. But I also collect action figures so I can relate with trolls. Also have a 9-yr old daughter so thanks for giving me an idea of what to expect in a few years. Hehe.

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