Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson was born in South London and has lived in Ayelsbury, Buckinghamshire for 14 years, with her family. She is a Taxidermist and loves making and creating things.
Who do you live?
I live with my partner Danny; we met on Christmas eve 1979. He’s a mortgage broker and works mainly from his home office so we spend a lot of time together. Then there’s Ellie our 14-year-old daughter. She hasn’t caused any problems so is a delight to live with, lastly, Pixie, our sweet little Shitzhu. We have two older children, Lewis who is 30 and Jerry 27. They used to live in the house too but both moved to London several years ago.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
I like my bedroom, as it’s the place where I sleep. I also do all my reading in bed, quite a lot of thinking and crosswords. I like doing crosswords in bed but don’t know why as I am rubbish at them. Danny on the other hand is much better and finishes them off.

What inspires your home style?
I have always liked old toys and have amassed quite a large collection of them over the years. I suppose some of my stuff is a little kitsch. I also like a bit of colour and particularly the colours of Mexican plastic household goods.

Do you have your own work in your bedroom?
The rabbits and mice are anthropomorphic taxidermy pieces that I have made. I make one off pieces complete with little handmade outfits. I do not kill any animals for the purpose of taxidermy.
Where is your favourite place to pick up interesting things for your home?
On my travels-anywhere really and of course ebay has made it so much easier to source vintage items. I have made a lot of things in my home too.

Favourite colour?
I only seem to wear two colours black and red and perhaps a bit of white so maybe they are my favourite colours.

What makes you sad?
The normal things illness, death, injustice.

What makes you happy?
Family, friends, holidays, good food, dogs…

What is your earliest Christmas memory?
Telling my mum on Christmas morning that I had seen Father Christmas’s boots in the night. I was 4 at the time.

Mince pies or Turkey?

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Getting the tree, decorating the house, the smell of mulled wine and getting together with family and friends.

Santa or Rudolf?
Santa but not sure why.

What Christmas song will you be definitely be playing this year?
Well I have a Christmas compilation cd in my car and usually start playing that the first week in December. I put it on and couldn’t bear it-I think I have grown tired of all the Christmas songs. But we will probably do a bit of karaoke over Christmas and it will no doubt include the old Slade and John Lennon favourites.

Christmas film of choice?
Not a film but a couple of years ago there was a great TV adaptation of Oliver Twist starring Timothy Spall as Fagan. “Hello Nolly” I don’t usually like watching things more than once but could gladly sit through the whole series of that again. My daughters always watch Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save?
Danny, as he is quite a heavy sleeper and wouldn’t see or hear it.

What do you wear in bed?
A superb array of very unattractive items.
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Julie’s eclectic home style has influenced both her daughters, Jerry and Ellie. The home has previously provided the perfect setting for the Lazy Oaf AW/11 Lookbook.

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