Emily Scott & James Coates

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Emily and James live in their East London converted Victorian Terrace with their baby daughter Nancy-Rose. The property has been been a labour of love, both have spent hours in between working to get it finished in time for Nancy’s birth. Emily born in Wales and James Leicestershire, their rural roots is felt in their tranquil bedroom. In addition to being a Mum, Emily is an Insights and Trends Director and James a talented Interior Architect. Far from East London, Emily says her dream job would be to sail round the world and James would love to have his own practice with a workshop so he could design and craft his own furniture and lighting. wiyb-upright-bed2-783-IMGP1007What does your bedroom mean to you?
Emily: Its a calm space where I escape a busy life of being a new mum, every minute of sleep is precious. It is clutter free and pretty simple. I love the big windows and looking out over the garden and watching the seasons change.
James: A place where I switch off and enjoy the calmness.

What inspires your interior style?
Emily: I don’t have a specific style. My taste ranges from romantic to utilitarian. I love rooms that are beautifully curated. One of my favourite places is Baileys in Ross on Wye – it’s my idea of interior perfection. Also General Store in Hastings this place amazed me with it’s attention to detail, restoration and curation everything is considered.
James: I am not inspired by one thing I am inspired by everything. I take influence from post modernism to art installations to hand crafted objects to kitsch and neon. I’m kinda like a visual fisherman.wiyb-blue-pott-1183-IMGP1014Tell me about the blue pottery?
Emily: We collect it because James loves the colour and now I’m addicted. I love pottery and ceramics.
James: Rimini Blu, Bitossi, Italian 19th century ceramics. I started collecting it a while back and our collection is growing! I love the pop of colour and patterns against the white.

Where do you source your stuff?
Emily: Everywhere, we are always on the look out for things. We travel to many antique fairs throughout the UK.
James: We source things everywhere from antique fairs to car boot sales. Being an interior architect I work with great suppliers everyday it’s like having a product portfolio at my finger tips. I love it.wiyb-bedside2-783-IMGP1012Describe your ideal bedroom?
Emily: It would be overlooking the sea with big windows and lots of light. Ideally Pembrokeshire. I love the rugged cliffs and coastal paths.
James: Spacious with beautiful details of hand craftsmanship with Dinesen flooring, considered objects with pops of colour. Beautiful natural light with open unspoilt views.wiyb-fireplace-1183-IMGP1031If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save and why?
Emily: My Daughter Nancy-Rose because she’s my world.
James: My family. Nancy-Rose and Emily because without them home means nothing.

What makes you happy?
: My family and friends. Home, music, food, fresh air and space.
James: My family, friends, food, going out on my bike, music, and seeing my daughter smile when I come home from the studio.wiyb-vase-783-IMGP1018
What makes you sad?
Emily: My daughter, she was born with hip dysplacia she’s in a spica cast from her waist to ankles, it makes me sad that I can’t squeeze her chubby little legs.
James: Seeing my daughter in a spica cast makes me sad. Badly designed spaces and beautiful buildings left to waste. wiyb-e-1183-IMGP1019
Do you have a reoccurring dream?
Emily: No, sleeping would be a nice reoccurring dream.
James: No.wiyb-window-1183-IMGP1042How do you sleep, naked or bedclothes?
Emily: Bedclothes.
James: Depends what mood I’m in…

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  1. James S. McCoy

    I agree in not having a single style when it comes to interiors. It’s best to go with what you currently feel as long as it’s clean, organized and child friendly. . Lovely family by the way.

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