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On a day when the sky looked like the opening sequence from The Simpsons, I made a journey across London on the Overground train, to visit Heather in her Lewisham home. She was born and raised here, under the star sign of Leo. In Saxon times Lewisham was known as Levesham, meaning the house among the meadows – it is just 6 miles from the centre of London, a major transport hub for the South, and is one of the borough’s largest settlements.


How long have you lived in this apartment?
I’ve lived here for about 3 years now, I moved in with a friend and since then had a few different house mates and boyfriend, but I currently live here alone.

Tell me what you do?
I own a fashion PR agency based in East London called Home Studios, we look after a handful of Scandinavian brands such as Stutterheim and Sandqvist and some upcoming designers such as Tuza Jewelry and Otho. It’s all very much of a similar vibe and aesthetic – brands that I really believe in. I started the business nearly 2 years ago now – mostly because I hated having a boss and working normal hours. HT_04_IMG_1469_1280What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m into yoga like a crazy obsessed person and its pretty much changed my life – I make time to go twice a day no matter what. Deep down I’m literally the unhealthiest person ever, I love smoking, drinking and eating shit food, so yoga gives me a bit of balance and helps put all the fashion stress from my work into perspective – it’s easy to forget you’re not curing cancer sometimes.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
A few months ago I moved the bedroom into the smaller room in this apartment, so I could just have my books and bed in here and be able to switch off super quick. To be honest I don’t spend a lot of time in here, I pretty much get up everyday at 5am and get home pretty late, so I like that there’s not too many distractions in here.

What do you love most about your bedroom?
The summer light I get through the window in the morning, it’s amazing to wake up to. HT_12_IMG_1434_1280What do you least like about your bedroom?
Right now there’s not enough plant life in here… the house was full of plants a few months ago, but traveling so much for work makes it hard to look after everything.

Describe your ideal bedroom?
Pretty much any bedroom in Terence Conran’s The Bed and Bath Book – plants and beautiful light are pretty much all you need.

Where do you source the things from in your room?
The few bits of furniture I do have in here are all vintage. There’s an amazing antique / junk store in Lewisham called Aladdin’s Cave, where the sacred heart lithographs came from – which were a wonderful gift. The drinks cabinet that houses some of my books came from my ex-boss and dear friend Leila – it’s probably one of the best things I own. HT_08_IMG_1430_1280You have a lot of books?
My dad is a writer so he’s constantly giving me books to read or writing stories for me – I’m pretty lucky. I don’t think I have a favourite author, although I’m a huge fan of Iain Banks, I read the Wasp Factory cover to cover in a day, it’s so brilliantly strange and unnerving.

If you could invite anyone into your bedroom who would it be?
Probably all my wonderful friends who have moved away from London, it’s sad when you get older and everyone lives all over the place, getting to spend time with them is a real blessing. HT_10_IMG_1443_1280What makes you happy?
Getting time to myself!  I’m constantly around people for work 24/7, it can be pretty overwhelming.

What makes you sad?
So many things, but mostly that I can’t eat cake and sausage rolls for breakfast everyday.

How many tattoos have you got?
I’ve lost count. I started getting them pretty young, my first was a horrible star on my back which has since lost all of its ink. I go through stages of hating them and loving them. I guess I don’t really regret any and I’m so used to seeing them everyday now, but I do wish I’d thought a little more before getting a few…HT_09_IMG_1484_1280Do you have a recurring dream?
Never. I laugh in my sleep a lot though, so obviously I’m always dreaming about something really great.

If your bedroom were on fire, what would you save?
A very important book – You are here by Thich Nhat Hanh, my particular copy is very, very, special to me.

How do you sleep, naked or bedclothes?
It depends on many elements.HT_16_IMG_1483_1280

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