Katherine Beefheart

Stockport is not all kids having kids, moody Ugg Boots and pastry goods, these are just some of things that create a veneer that disguises the true spirit of the place. Scratch beneath the surface and you may find gold. For years Stockport has quietly maintained a rich creative identity, Martin Hannet of Factory Records fame, faved Stockport’s Strawberry Studios, where he produced Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, as well as the Happy Mondays. The Smiths and The Stone Roses both recorded their debuts at Strawberry too.  If you ever have the joy of passing through Stockport, do not be fooled by its industrial overtone, there are many diamonds in its rough, one of which being the super talented Buddha loving embroiderer, Katherine Beefheart, born on Christmas Eve of 1976 at Stepping Hill Hospital. Nestled in amongst the red brick terraced houses of Edgely, Katherine has lived in her home for 12 years, with her son Maximus, and her two moggies.

What do you do?
Primarily, I’m a mum but I also stitch strange things in my spare time.
What does your bedroom mean to you? 
Peace! Its my favourite room in the whole house because nobody is (normally) allowed in and there’s no distractions from technology. It’s my sanctuary, if you will.
Tell me about something in your room that means something to you?  
The brass owls. They belonged to my Grandmother and I remember me and my brother playing with them as kids, along with other brass tat. She gave them to me when she was ill, I was touched that she remembered how much I loved them as a nipper.
What makes you happy?
My family. My pals. Eggs. Music (loud). Mountain striding. Shoes. Trinket hunting. Reading. Dancing like a tornado.
When did you last cry and why?
On Mothers Day because my mum isn’t here anymore and I really miss her.
What is your favourite colour?  
If you could choose one song to lull you to sleep what would it be? 
A Day In The Life by The Beatles.
Nice coat on the mannequin?
That’s a Welsh tweed vintage coat. It’s beautiful so I decided that when I’m not wearing it, I would like to admire it. I wanted one for such a long time and, after a particularly vicious ebay battle, was finally victorious.
What is your favourite word?
If you could time travel where would you go and why?  
Probably the Neolithic age. I am a nerd for stone circles/burial mounds and regularly go hunting for them so I would love to have a peep into their lives (although I reckon the massive culture shock would have me running for the time machine to come back).
What would you save if your bedroom were on fire? 
My mothers wedding ring.
What keeps you awake at night? 
The neighbours mainly.
If you could invite anyone into your bedroom who would it be and why? 
John Lennon. For a bed-in, obviously.
Naked or bed clothes?  
That all depends how cold it is, it fluctuates from ridiculous fleecy pyjamas to me birthday suit.
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