Paolo Guglielmino

Paolo is a music vlogger – The Man in Red and is currently digitising his vast vinyl collection. He was born in Genoa, Italy and has lived in Dalston for 15 years.

Who do you live with?
In a horrible share with dirty and filthy people.

What is your job?

What does your bedroom mean to you?
It’s a toy room with the most amazing toys and things I can perpetually enjoy with.

What objects in your bedroom is special to you?
Records are essential to place me in music era that are now lost. I can dive into funk, soul jazz and, having collected very rare and hard to find records, I can really live moments of music history that are pretty unique.

You are self-confessed collector, what music genres do you collect?
I collect soul funk and some jazz; mainly soul and funk are my favourite genre.

What was the first object or thing that inspired you to collect?
The first double album from a cousin as a birthday gift: the double album from Rose Royce: Car Wash.

What is the Lego classroom set-up Lego on your desk all about?
That means discipline: hard work and method, in practice the teacher is the symbol of the self disciplining figure that lies in myself, the chalk board is the place where plans are firstly jotted, then refined than outlined in full and the desk is the place where I manipulate information in order to create new things.
What’s your favourite colour?

How long have you been collecting vinyl?
Since 1976.

What is your most prized record?
There some jazz records above £2000 and some other funk LP’s near that figure.

How long have you beed running your Youtube channel?
About two years from now and I have been invited in Italy several times. It’s going better and better and we have now plenty of emails and messages in our inboxes. In our Vlog we talk about music politics and socio economic issues.

What would your super power be?
Music wizard.

If you could invite anyone into your bedroom?
Collectors to exchange info, singers to sing on songs and sound engineer to mix projects.

This is probably a hard question but what song do you always find yourself retuning to?
If you feel it by Thelma Houston,  Give it OnUp by Mtume,  Ai No Corrida by Quincy Jones.

What would you save if your bedroom were on fire?
Probably the records first.

How do you sleep, naked or bed clothes?
Naked sometimes and with Alexander McQueen clothes some other times, but there is Mr Ben who is my penguin, he is always there on she shelf over the bed looking over the whole room while I sleep.
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  1. Liam Morrison

    Coolest. Bedroom. EVER.

    I’m seeing the correct amount of vinyl, and also KRK speakers. I also own the exact same studio desk as you. Good show, Paolo. Good show.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, thank you, how’s life? KRK Speakers sounds amazing and the studio desk proved to be of real more gear is coming to my studio soon

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you thank you thank you…I like it so much..Ive always lived in that room and now is even more stuffy than evah 🙂

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