Luke Murray

After getting a job as Record Buyer with Warp’s distribution, Bleep, Luke moved to London 6 months ago from Stockport in the north of England, and made a home for himself in Dalston, East London.

What would your dream job be?
I am not sure what my dream job would be, ever since I have been in my various roles of employment over the years more than anything I have always strived for a job where I could listen to tunes all day, my pops always says the most important advice he can give me is that I will spend my life working so I should always make sure I do something that makes me happy, as I will have to get up everyday and do it regardless so I may as well do something I enjoy, and now I am hugely fortunate and lucky to say that I am doing that now.

How long have you lived here?
I moved in around mid/late July 2013, summer was starting, the grass was green, the beer warm and the area was trendy. 

Who do you live with? 
Three people, a couple who I rent my room from and another chap who rents the room next to mine.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
It’s somewhere to play my records, kip, read books, look out the window at the massive trees opposite and somewhere to stumble back to at the end of everyday and night.

What is your favourite colour?
Purple, and a maybe a bit of orange.

What would you save if your bedroom were on fire?
Probably some of my dub LP’s as they were a present with a wealth of history behind them, and maybe some of my plants, maybe the rug also as it is apparently highly flammable, but that would just be to try and stop the fire getting worse, actually fuck it I’d leave the rug, its really bloody small and its demise would force me to buy a decent sized rug.

What makes you sad?
The knowledge that one day I will die and I won’t be able to listen to music anymore*

*(This is a completely honest answer, it may make me sound like an idiot but it’s honestly something I sometimes think and it makes me think fuck, but then you know what, fuck it).

What makes you happy?
Music! Records and books. Coffee, alternative comedy, my friends – all the usual stuff.

Music is a big part of your life, but what song do you always find yourself returning to?
My favourite record of all time is Another Green World by Brian Eno, (I am in fact listening to it while I write this) and bands like Joy Division, Felt, The Fall and groups/producers like Basic Channel, Prince Far I, Joe Gibbs, 4Hero all the classic stuff, outside of work I would say my main listening habits revolve around listening to lots of dub, post punk, techno and jungle.

Vinyl or download?
Vinyl with a download code!

Tell a joke?
Two crabs walk into a bar, the barman says ‘you can’t drink in here!’ they reply ‘why not?’ and the barman goes ‘because your mate was in here earlier giving it all that!!’*

*(It’s a visual joke, while saying the punch line “giving it all that” you snap your fingers and thumb like a crabs claw, haha, it’s a classic!!).

What do you wear in bed?
Tracksuit bottoms, baggy t-shirt and a hoodie, with the hood up.

You’ve kindly created a bedroom mix for WIYB, what was your inspiration?
I just wanted to get across a range of the records I listen to in my bedroom of an evening/morning – tunes that make me happy and they are all records currently on rotation in my bedroom.

Luke – East London by What’s In Your Bedroom… on Mixcloud

Track listing:
01.Eno – Another Green World
02.Mika Vainio – Ensimmäinen Valo
03.The Detroit Esculator Co. – Sil Lum Tao
04.Jane Weaver – Intiaani Kesä Part 1
05.Robbie Basho – Blue Crystal Fire
06.Felix K – Flower Of Destruction #3
07.John Maus – Hey Moon
08.Tropic Of Cancer – Court Of Devotion
09.Cut Hands – Belladonna Theme
10.Luboš Fišer – Message From Marek
11.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We Know Who U R


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