Hello, my name is Olivia Howitt, founder and editor of What’s in your bedroom… a photo journal about people, their beds and things from 2009-2017.

Back in 2009, I was inspired after a conversation with a friend who told me that one of his mates was obsessed with bicycles and kept bikes in their bedroom because of the lack of space in their shared home.

Space, particularly in London is at a premium, so many people live in shared properties, spending most of their time in their bedrooms – for work, making music, art, design, socialising and storing stuff that might ordinarily end up in other living areas, the loft or the garage of a regular property.

After owning my own home in Manchester and moving to London some years ago, I felt the pressure of downsizing – almost reverting to childhood when my bedroom was my world. The more bedrooms I photograph, the more personal worlds I see, and it has been fascinating to discover how much a bedroom represents a person’s character.

All photos and words by me, unless otherwise noted.

New work can be viewed at oliviahowitt.com and if you would like to get in touch please contact me at oliviahowitt(@)icloud.com.


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